You were once a fashion designer in a previous life. How does a sense of fashion/style translate in the field of real estate?

At it’s core real estate translates for most of us as “Home”. Our homes and the experience we create there are, at heart, a reflection of who we are. How we create home,  the things we place in it,  and how these things makes us feel tells a story of who we are and of our life’s journey. Home affects all aspects of our life. Home is a charger for our life’s battery, a place of meditation, rest, family, love, passion and memories. 

My life as a designer has given me insight into the significance of the real effect aesthetic and design have on us. It is a key that unlocks who we are and how we feel and perform on a daily basis.

What motivates you to get up in the mornings.


What is the biggest mistake in your opinion that should be avoided when purchasing a property?

Take your time, be patient. Timing can be crucial to your finding the right property for your overall well being and happiness.

How would you define luxury

Luxury is the creative union of the highest standards of quality with impeccable style.

How important is passion in your life

Often we feel love through passion. it is positive power felt by everyone it touches, energizing and inspiring. My individual brand of passion is immensely important, it is part and parcel of my life, who I am, and the service I give.

If I wish to buy a property. How do I go about choosing the right agent?

Buying a property should be an organic process, one way or another,  your choice will affect all areas of your life. It’s key you work with an agent who gets you, and that you intuitively trust  has your best interest at heart and a deep understanding of the market. 

Do your research, talk to friends, connect with agents. The ones who are passionate will be happy to share with you. You’ll know which agent is the right one, you’re gut will tell you.

What sort of service beyond showing of properties do you provide to your clients

I help bring my clients to a place of clarity and insight in relation to everything that goes into choosing a property that is right for them. When we find the property I develop a strategy to purchase and when appropriate, a vision to develop it.

Why are your clients so loyal to you as an agent 

I have asked my clients this question and they have given me many answers, I distill it down to the fact that I care, and do everything in my power to help my client realize their highest and best result. Their best result and happiness is my best result. It makes me feel good.

How important is branding in the context of real estate

In the context of real estate effective branding is fundamental, it’s essential to differentiate oneself from the sea of agents in the Greater Toronto Area in order to help your clients to find you. There are over 43,000 agents in Toronto, compelling branding can resonate through the noise communicating values, aesthetic, perspective to people who share the same.

With so many condos/homes being built in Toronto, how does one choose where and how to purchase

The Toronto housing market and Condo market are completely different distinct markets. Given the differences, if you are buying for lifestyle and not solely as an investment, ask yourself which neighbourhoods do you feel good in, instinctively connect with, and feel at home in. These are the neighbourhoods you will narrow your search within. Then, there are a myriad of other factors, that your agent can help you with, that need to be aligned with your feelings for the neighbourhood, based on your individual wants, needs, and desires for you to achieve your best result.

Who is Colin Box

I believe the actions we take in life are eternally significant, while they may appears, at times to be infinitely insignificant. I believe in truth, and that each of us are provided with routes to taking true actions that do good. I believe our heart is our life’s compass that shows us the way, It gives us a clear consistent unwavering beat, through it, we know our individual unique truths. Our intrinsic paths to happiness and heaven here and now. 

Essentially, I am a man who listens to and follows my heart.

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