Toronto-based firm Taylor Hannah Architect is one of Canada’s leading creators of luxury residential spaces. Led by Architect and Interior Designer Dee Dee Eustace, her team has now ventured into designing super yachts and boutique hotels.

Her newly designed and built home on Davenport Road in Yorkville, Toronto stands 3 very high stories tall, plus a gorgeous terrace up on the rooftop, which has a perfect straight-on view of downtown Toronto. Dee Dee definitely designed the home to have as much natural light as possible. The floor-to-ceiling windows are found on both sides on the home, letting in an abundance of sunlight which floods through the black floating stairs on every floor.

Dee Dee used an overall palette of white and black, with accents of silver, gold, light grey, brown and touches of soft pink, purple and blue. She is a lover of traditional design and architecture and has a spectacular way of bridging this with a modern aesthetic. For instance, many of her furniture pieces are vintage collector’s items that she has kept over the years. Which one may not necessarily see in a modern home like this, but for Dee Dee, it works perfectly, as it is a true outer-representation of her deep understanding and appreciation of history, as well as her thrill to create new modern living spaces around the world.

The first floor contains an open-plan space which has in it a lounge room leading into the kitchen.  On the other side of the first floor, facing Daven- port, is Dee Dee’s beautiful dining room, complete with black and white wood chevron floors. On the second floor, there are her children’s bedrooms (very lucky kids might we add!) with gorgeous bathrooms, a girl’s walk-in and a center space in between the rooms for hang out sessions. On the third floor is the master suite, as well as the main family room, which has a beautiful black baby grand, that Dee Dee plays to relax after a long day. From the third floor, there is a staircase to heaven, leading onto the rooftop patio. So gorgeous.

Another important aspect of this mini-building which we did not yet mention, is that her firm’s office is on the bottom level. With a separate en- trance off the street, you can walk right into her busy office filled with the THA crew. “I love living and working in the same space. In New York this is how it’s done in the Upper East Side. So I brought a little NY to TO… You know I never wanted a typi- cal life, does that sound familiar?”

One of our many favourite pieces of art in the home is a work by Jane Waterous, who did a “Peace Sign” from her Gatherings series. They look like tiny little people of all different colours, most primary tones and very bright. A perfect splash of colour contained in a frame.

Excerpt from Feature in KA Magazine

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